Rahul Gandhi said- Why is the Prime Minister supporting China, why not India and our army?

After the violent clashes between the soldiers of China and India in the Galvan Valley, Rahul Gandhi and the Congress have been continuously targeting the Modi government.  Even before this, Rahul Modi has raised questions in the government.

Rahul Gandhi said- Why is the Prime Minister supporting China, why not India and our army?

 New Delhi: Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has once again targeted the Narendra Modi government over the deadlock in Ladakh.  The entire opposition, including the Congress, is an attacker on the Narendra Modi government at the Center over the border dispute with China.  Rahul alleged that India is in talks to take back its land, while the Prime Minister is publicly supporting China's claims.

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 Rahul tweeted, "China took our land. India is negotiating to take it back. China says it is not India's land. The Prime Minister has publicly supported China's claim. Prime Minister  Why are you supporting China and not India and our military? "

 Earlier, Rahul Gandhi said at the CWC meeting, "China occupied our territory. The Prime Minister accepted his stand that he did not occupy the land of India, destroyed our position and with our army  Cheated. China cannot be allowed to occupy our land unacceptably. "

 Rahul said that everything needs to be done to ensure that the sacrifice of our martyrs has not gone in vain.

 Rahul Gandhi clarified in CWC meeting, why it is important to directly attack PM Modi

 Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi every day, made it clear in an aggressive manner at the CWC meeting why he directly attacks Prime Minister Modi.  In fact, in the Congress Working Committee meeting held on Tuesday, a Congress leader, while teasing the issue of the party's strategy of criticizing Prime Minister Modi, suggested that Congress should target the policies of his government rather than Narendra Modi.

 However, this suggestion angered Rahul Gandhi and he said that when there are steps taken by Narendra Modi at the root of all the current problems of the country, from Ladakh to the economic crisis, then how can it be talked about without targeting him!  The great thing is that General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi also said that Rahul is seen fighting alone with Modi in the party.

 Giving inside information about the Congress Working Committee meeting, according to sources present in the meeting, former Union Minister of State and Jharkhand in-charge RPN Singh said that things get diverted as soon as we target (target) Modi.  That is, the issue goes astray.  Therefore, instead of Modi, his policies should be targeted.

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